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About Us

CAGRwealth has been founded by Shruti Agrawal who is a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor (RIA License No. - INA100016406).

At CAGRwealth, we are passionate about adding value to our client families through personalised solutions which meet their investment objective.

We are a fee based service and client interest first is the core of everything we do.

Shruti has over 10 years of experience in investing, markets and wealth management. A CFA Charterholder and a graduate from MDI herself, Shruti works with a team of IIT & IIM/MDI Graduates, CFA Charterholders and CAs....

She has also co-founded CAGRfunds, a boutique Personal Finance company, helping individuals primarily manage their mutual fund portfolios.

Shruti has so far managed wealth for over 200 families and believes in the concept of value addition for her clients. The core value of her investment advisory practice is to enable her clients to compound wealth and achieve financial independence early.

Being one of the very few women SEBI RIA in India, she is extremely passionate about helping women embark on the journey of financial empowerment.

Shruti is supported by a strong research team headed by Kshitiz Jain. Kshitiz is a CFA charter holder, FRM, MBA from IIM Bangalore, and B.Tech from IIT Roorkee. He has 12+ years of experience investing in India markets.

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Our Services

We specialise in offering the following services:

An integral part of Life Planning, Financial Planning entails understanding the broader picture of where you are and where would you like to be in life. It takes into consideration a detailed analysis of your cash flow, net worth, goals and priorities. Tying this up with your unique personality is our forte. Every family we work with is delivered a customised and personalised financial plan. The same is reviewed periodically to ensure it is relevant to your life situations.

We are passionate about personal finance and helping families meet their financial objectives.

We offer impartial and independent advice to our clients. The clients’ interest is first in all the advice we give and the decisions that we make. Our services are built on the fundamentals of trust, integrity, and transparency.

Our wealth management services involve advisory solutions on financial assets (Equity and Debt) keeping in mind the client’s preferences, risk appetite and investment objectives.

We offer factor based and fundamental research based model equity portfolios. We are currently offering the below portfolios on smallcase.


CAGRwealth Value Momentum is a proprietary equity portfolio strategy developed by combining long run alpha generating factors like value and momentum.


CAGRwealth Fundamental Flexicap is a diversified portfolio strategy based on extensive fundamental research, with a aim to generate wealth over a long term.


CAGRwealth Balanced Blend is a passive approach to multi-factor investing and asset allocation across debt, equity factors, and gold using our rule-based methodology.

Performance Reports

The real time performance of smallcase can be tracked below.

Investor Charter

Investor Grievance

At CAGRwealth, customer service takes precedence over other priorities. Our communication channels are always open to address and respond to any grievance or feedback.

Please contact us at [email protected]/+91 9867095324 regarding any deficiency of service experienced as an investor. In case you are not satisfied with our solution and response, second step of registering your complaint is through Registering on SCORES Portal ( developed by SEBI. SCORES Mobile application can be accessed here (Link: We will redress the grievance within 30 days of receipt of the grievance through SCORES. If the grievance is not redressed within 30days then the complaint shall be registered in SCORES

Investor complaints data displayed in accordance with the SEBI circular is as below:

Complaints Data as of March 2024 end:
Sr. No.Received FromPending at the end of Last MonthReceivedResolved*Total Pending#Pending complaints > 3monthsAverage Resolution time^ (in days)
1Directly from Investors000000
2SEBI (SCORES )000000
3Other Sources (if any)000000
Grand Total000000

^ Average Resolution time is the sum total of time taken to resolve each complaint in days, in the current month divided by total number of complaints resolved in the current month
*Inclusive of complaints of previous months resolved in the current month.
# Inclusive of complaints pending as on the last day of the month.

Trend of Monthly Disposal of complaints
Sr. No. Month Received Resolved* Pending#
1Apr, 2023000
2May, 2023000
3June, 2023000
4July, 2023000
5Aug, 2023000
6Sep, 2023000
7Oct, 2023000
8Nov, 2023000
10Jan, 2024000
11Feb, 2024000
12Mar, 2024000

*Inclusive of complaints of previous months resolved in the current month.
# Inclusive of complaints pending as on the last day of the month.

Trend of Annual disposal of complaints
Sr. No.Financial YearCarried forward from previous yearReceivedResolved*Pending#
Annual Audit Status
Sr. No.Financial YearAnnual Audit StatusRemarks ,if any

*Inclusive of complaints of previous years resolved in the current year.
# Inclusive of complaints pending as on the last day of the year.

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    Shruti Agrawal

    Individual SEBI RIA - INA100016406, Nov 2021 - Perpetual, BASL Membership Id-1104

    Address: A53, 2nd Floor, Gurunanak Pura, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi - 110092

    Contact: +91 98670 95324

    SEBI Office: NBCC Complex, Office Tower-1, 8th Floor, Plate B, East Kidwai Nagar, New Delhi - 110023

    Disclaimer: Investment in securities market are subject to market risks. Read all the related documents carefully before investing.

    Disclaimer: Registration granted by SEBI, membership of BASL and certification from NISM in no way guarantee performance of the intermediary or provide any assurance of returns to investors

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